about us

mint is a creative solutions agency, working through-the-line to provide a wide range of creative products and services. The agency is renowned for its philosophy of providing a unique perspective on any communications brief. It offers clients the best possible creative solutions to meet their advertising and design in a specific and distinctive manner.

Creatives are given the space and opportunity to produce their work with freedom.

The agency has no specific style and does not indulge in passing fads. Creative direction is based on strategy. Each project is custom made to fit and capture the brand’s personality and to express that personality through every available outlet that might suit the client and strategy.

As an independent agency, Mint has the freedom to work with clients that are truly suited to its own personality and way of thinking. The agency is not driven by form, is not formal and is never formulaic. It is unconventional and atypical in its behavior from culture and personality, to the way in which it deals with clients and their brands. As a medium size agency, it is extremely effective. The agility and pace at which the agency functions is part of what makes the place special.

In our agency, there is a lot of heated debate, some chaos and an abundance of energy…our people are solid, balanced, yet spirited individuals.